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Jack Donald  ALCM, DipLCM

Jack Donald ALCM, DipLCM is a professional ‘lefty’ or ‘southpaw’ (as it is more commonly known) guitarist from Nottingham in the East Midlands.

Jack became one of the youngest guitarists in the country and worldwide to pass with the highest mark his RGT (Registry of Guitar Tutors) electric guitar performance Diploma, accredited by the London College of Music Exams (LCM) and the University of West London allowing him to now append the letters DipLCM after his name. He has since further expanded his knowledge and skills and taken his qualifications to the higher level of ALCM (Associate of the London College of Music)

Jack is a gigging guitarist, session musician, guitar, piano and music theory teacher in Nottingham

What instruments does Jack Donald play

Jack plays numerous instruments, the guitar, bass guitar, ukulele and piano.

Where can Guitarist Jack Donald be seen

Many people know Jack from when they used to see him performing as one of the regular guitarists in the house and at two open mic nights in Nottingham, firstly at ‘The Plainsman’ public house on Mapperley Top and secondly at ‘The Test Match Inn’ at West Bridgford under the musical direction and guidance of local Nottingham producer Chris Bucknall fo Cubit Records. Jack played in the band for five years and still on occasions joins them for a jam.

Jack is one half of the acclaimed Eastbound and Down acoustic duo, he is the lead guitarist in the rock country band Angels With Dirty Faces, The Landons and The Danny Landon Band which have all headlined many of the Country music festivals up and down the country and live radio performances during 2017/2018.

Other bands Jack is also involved with are the Nottingham covers band Splinter and more recently with The Beat Brothers featuring Danny and Ricky Gould who are currently part of The Billy fury Story. There has been impromptu performances with BBC radio 2 stars Miss 600 and his very good friend Sam Beeton, stepping in to perform the lead guitarist role in The Kommitments should band and also the smash hit touring theatre show Bobby Socks and Blue Jeans featuring Kytsun Wolfe.

Over the years Jack has met many famous musicians and guitarists including Cat Stevens, Alun Davies and one of his idols Brian May from Queen, one of the guitars Jack used to play was a Brian May Red Special but is currently using Fender.

Jack plays with ease whether it is the electric, acoustic or bass guitars or the ukulele and piano depending upon each individual jobs requirements.

Jack is constantly in demand as a working guitarist working with numerous other musicians and as a fully fledged sessions guitarist with some of his work on iTunes and Sound Cloud.

Jack Donald Guitar, Piano and Music Theory Teacher

Jack regularly accompanies on the guitar or piano students from Julie Donald’s Music School who are taking their singing and music theatre graded examinations through the London College Of Music (LCM)

Jack is also available as a guitar, piano and music theory teacher through Julie Donald’s Music School for those who are wishing to learn how to play the guitar or piano, or upgrade your music theory and knowledge in the Nottingham area. Contact Jack Donald Guitarist.